Top Electric Vehicle Companies In India To Invest In 2022

In this article, we talk about the top EV companies to invest in India. In the 21st century, our reality is advancing toward the Electric vehicle for saving the regular assets with the goal that they can be put something aside for the future use when it is needed and involving these normal assets in vehicles makes the parcel of contamination which is exceptionally destructive for the nature and the general public too. Thus, most motorcar or bicycle organizations are changing to the EV innovation which is the eventual fate of this world.

For running these engine vehicles or bicycles we really want the battery which is made purchase the different battery making organizations along these lines, it is the best time for the putting resources into the Ev and battery making organizations.

Here are

Top EV Companies To Invest In India In 2022 – 

1. Mooving

Mooving is a Gurgaon-based EV startup under the guidance or umbrella of SAR group, which started the business in 1988 with the flagship business of inverter and inverter batteries under the Luminous brand. These batteries and inverter companies will help in setting up the battery charging station for every vehicle at every near point so that they can use it for charging the vehicle.

Recently Mooving had a partnership with the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and raised the $1 million of the ground seed funding in the 1st quarter.

2. Luminous

Gracious!! Luminous who else hasn’t seen the Sachin Tendulkar luminous inverter Advertisement on the Tv or the other stage. All things considered, luminous Is an unadulterated electric miniature versatility tech-based arrangement supplier giving start to finish battery membership/trading organization, web-based business, and hyperlocal Ev coordinated operations arrangement. Luminous is one of India’s driving strong energy arrangement organizations.

Earlier, the $20 billion have been invested by the French engineering, Schneider electric has acquired a 74 % of the stake in the company in a deal that increase the value of the luminous at around Rs 1,866 crore.

Share cost and Profitability of the offer Schneider Electric ( LUMINOUS Power Technologies)Share Price – EUR 137.58

Yield ( dividend per share) – 1.96%

Share Price variations over 1 year – +6.80%

More About Mooving

SAR groups promote are MR. Rakesh Malhotra and Mr. Naveneet Kapoor who exited from Luminous and successfully incorporated water and battery business under the brand name Livpure and Livguard respectively

Mooving has 30+ partnerships. Some of its B2B clients include amazon, spencers, Big Basket, defense bakery, Ecom Express, Licious, and many others.

Mooving Financials

  1. Mooving’s revenue has delivered steady growth month on month in the last 12month with an average growth rate in the high double digits.
  2. More than 1/3rd of the company’s revenue from EVs comes from e-commerce and grocery partners.

Introducing Lease investing

Every time you are hailing a ride from Uber or watching a show on Netflix you are entering into a micro lease transaction to use their assets.

Most companies including moving have started using this model to raise funds and in return provide attractive returns to investors.

Invest minimum  Rs 20,000 with ~22% IRR in both of the companies.

So these were the details about the top EV companies to invest in India in 2022.

Note: In the upcoming OLA IPO Start investing it is coming up with the huge Rise in the Ev Tech.

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