Top 5 TV Shows For Investors & Traders

Well! Well! Well! Who else doesn’t want to be a millionaire or billionaire? Today in this blog I’m coming up with the top 5 TV shows for investors and Traders for those who use to read my blog daily and get the knowledge about the stock and trading tips and tricks. As we know we learn from by listing and seeing the things. So watch all these shows and gain some knowledge. All these shows will help form the kid and elders who have big dreams. All these shows teach us many things brings some good ideas and give hope to the upcoming generations.

Here is a list of the Top 5 TV shows for Investors, Traders, and pitchers

Top 5  TV Shows for Investors & Traders


1. Shark Tank

Shark Tank, well you guys have already heard about this show currently it is going trending on every social platform. On this shows many reels are going trending on this show. In this show, there are 5 or 6  multinational billionaires and millionaires in the shows who are going to invest in a startup that is just born to be a big multinational company.

Those investors are known as the Sharks. Those who decide to invest as entrepreneurs make commercial presentations about their company or product. In this show, the pitchers use to come and ask for the money for their business whereas the sharks have to decide whether they should invest in this company or not by seeing their business models.

Shark tank is an international show it is going live in many countries and currently it is getting trending in India which is a great opportunity for the Indian people who have a cool startup setup.

This shows teaches us how-to grab a good deal from the investors for the startup as newly born entrepreneurs. So watch this show and gain some knowledge. You can see these top show episodes on youtube.

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2. Bad Boy Billionaires

The narrative Series Bad Boy Billionaires: India dropped as an alternative unobtrusively on Netflix today. The 3 episodes of the narrative series spotlight the debts of Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, and Subrata Roy who’ve been withinside the records for fees of misrepresentation, unlawful tax avoidance, and swindling the general public place banks. A fourth episode rotating around IT goliath Ramalinga Raju is obtainable at the web-primarily based totally feature.

Bad Boy Billionaires: India is a supplemental class on how a few people can hold and employ an excessive amount of force, that they appear to be blameless. The documentary series brings back that reality and how. Generally,

great narratives make you stop and contemplate. This one without a doubt makes one think, and miracle and afterward eventually question assuming it is that simple to misrepresent a nationalized bank of Rs 9000 crore? What’s more, nobody will see anything? Nirav Modi purportedly continued to pay off representatives of one more nationalized bank for a considerable length of time.

Recollect all the administrative work it requires to open a record in any of the 19 nationalized banks of India? Be that as it may, here, swindling them appears to be far more straightforward. Subrata Roy took it to another level, where he circumvent all financial frameworks and monetary establishments, went directly to the general population, and requested money.

The documentary series if nothing else, causes you to feel stupid as you keep thinking about whether your credit limit isn’t overstretched during the current month. Be that as it may, here, these enormous influential individuals were permitted to take advantage of the framework and use it for their potential benefit and go without any consequence.

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3. Scam 1992

Scam 1992 is a great book written by Sucehta Dalal. In this book, a great series has been created. Which is the story of the Great Trader, broker, and investor of the  Bombay stock exchange who is called the Amitabh Bachchan of the Stock market one and only the Harshad Mehta.

This series has a brief description of the loopholes in the stock market which is only found by the Harshad Mehta and the biggest stock market scam has done in 1992. This series has a whole story about Harshad Mehta and his life and experiences and struggle and how he found the loopholes and the stock market and banks.

“ RISK HAI TO ISHK HAI” Great line by Harshad Mehta in this series. All we know the stock market is all about Risk and knowledge. So. This series teaches us many good things about the stock market. SO watch this series learn as many things and be a great trader and broker.

To watch this series have to go to the SONYliv. On this platform, you can find this series. It’s one of the most entertaining among Top 5 TV Shows For Investors & Traders.

4. Silicon Valley

Follows the battle of Richard Hendricks, a Silicon Valley engineer attempting to fabricate his own organization called Pied Piper. In the super-advanced dash for unheard the wealth of present-day Silicon Valley, individuals generally qualified to succeed are the most un-equipped for taking care of accomplishment.

Silicon Valley is the best show present on HBO and Hotstar.A brilliant show with a million of knowledge.

5. Billions

“Billions” is an imaginary dramatization that takes an insider to take a gander at the universe of high money by following the oncoming impact between two titanic figures – the hard-charging, politically insightful U.S. Lawyer Chuck Rhoades (Giamatti), and the splendid, aggressive speculative stock investments ruler, Bobby “Hatchet” Axelrod (Lewis).

Billions are present on the HBO and Hotstar platform. Watch this show.


As we know that we use to learn things by listing and seeing the things around us. If we see a good thing with the knowledgeable content we can gain a lot of knowledge by seeing things. Book knowledge is also good but getting knowledge from some other’s mistakes are very helpful the. Everyone goes with the success thing but they don’t ask what mistakes they have done in life find the mistake and learn it from them.

So these are the Top 5 TV Shows For Investors & Traders.


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