Top 5 jobs which will disappear by 2025

Top 5 jobs which will disappear by 2025

The novelty of writing Top 5 jobs which will disappear by 2025 is that such predictions are almost always wrong because it’s quite difficult to see what jobs will be lost by the time the prediction fails to come true. But this particular set of jobs is at least much less likely to disappear than most other ones.  Also, since so many people work in these industries and so many of their skills are transferable it seems likely that their jobs will be replaced by something else anyway, at least in some cases.

But there is at least one category of jobs whose disappearance seems to be inevitable, and it’s the ones involving unpleasant manual work.  And I think that one of the main things that makes this inevitable is the automation of the assembly line, which has been happening in auto manufacturing since the 1950s.  Before that time there was almost no way to automate repetitive manual labor.

-I think this changes the picture of what constitutes a good job and what constitutes a bad job.  I would guess that most people would still say “good job” if their job involved, say, building houses or writing songs or playing video games, or whatever.  But a lot of people I know would say “bad job” if their jobs involved laying bricks or sawing wood or making clothes.

The next following 10 to 20 years would see AI advancements and automation leading to many of our conventional jobs being replaced.

As per an Oxford University paper, 47% of the 702 detailed occupations-fulfilling tasks can be automated, which means that one-quarter of the current types of jobs are in danger because new mechanized tasks can take their place.

Some of the job positions which will or could disappear are accountants, call center representatives and clerks. Bank tellers and post office counter workers may also not still exist by 2025 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics analysis in 2018.

 I think this is why we have seen such a backlash against technology in the last couple of decades: because it has changed the composition of labor and we’ve come to associate that with “bad jobs.”  But this is also true to an extent that goes way back.  Even before the industrial revolution, there were plenty of things in England and Europe that involved repetitive manual work that turned out to be very good for society, like weaving cloth and brewing beer.  But these jobs were hated by many people because of the drudgery and because it was so difficult to do any more than that with your life.  So their labor ended up being performed by slaves or serfs and then paid for by charity.  So I think this shows that technology is not inherently bad for society, but rather that we need to be careful about how we view the effects of technology on society.

I also think this shows that one can’t fall into the mindset of thinking that robots are inherently bad for us.

The top 5 jobs which will disappear by 2025 are

Jobs will disappear due to Technology 1

1. The Cashier

The cashier will be replaced by self-checkouts. There are already lots of grocery stores that have self-checkout in near future this will be the norm and human labor won’t be necessary anymore. The main thing that will change is that we will require greater security to watch out for the clients.

2. The Truck Driver

The transporter will be supplanted by self-driving trucks. Computerized reasoning will before long be progressed to the point of supplanting transporters. One of the main issues to solve are ethical problems like to trolley dilemma (would you kill 5 people to save one or save 5 to kill one in a situation that requires this decision).

Basically, the most monotonous jobs will be gone within a couple of decades.

Disruption is natural and cant be avoided.

3. Warehouse workers.

Warehouse workers will gona replaced by automatic robots. There already are huge warehouses in japan and china which don’t require average employees anymore. The robot can easily transport goods from anywhere, Nowadays, machines are even been operated by robots in some places. Just give the command they are ready to work. But these machines will require some charge or battery boost up which will fill them automatically.

4. cab drivers

Cab drivers will be soon replaced by the Autopilot car where we don’t need any driver to drive the car and drop at the given designation. Once this development is prepared, a large number of occupations will be impacted. Companies like TESLA \ MG \ and Hyundai are already in the race. Soon Tech companies like Apple will also launch their first self-driving car in the market which will change the world forever. But Tesla is already ahead in the race for self-driving cars. Tesla has the feature of autopilot in a car which allow the car to drive on it own and reach its point.

5. Restaurant Waiter.

Restaurant waiters will be soon replaced by Robotic waiters. In japan, Restaurants are using robots for serving food and making and cutting of food. These robots are kill the job of some workers who really need the jobs. But somewhere else these robots also help in many thing in the restaurant like cutting of food and washing of dishes and many more.

Some More Jobs will disappear due to Technology

6. Textile worker-

The overflowing manpower in the textile industry is due to demand for products? No, it is due to their production process, as nowadays machines have taken over a man`s job in manufacturing and production work and because of this textile workers have lost their opportunity in the textile industry. Because the highly skilled machine requires highly skilled labor that results in the loss of many textile workers.

7. Bank teller

Online services and telephone banking are convenient in today’s world as they solve any of the problems related to banking and finance just with a phone call, people sitting at home can now open their bank account and are able to enjoy other banking facilities without any problem.

So technology will soon take over the jobs of a bank teller and many local branches will shut down.

People will still need to consult with financial advisors and experts, so banks will remain open; there will just be a lot fewer of them.

8. Private tutor

During covid, all the studies of schools and colleges have shifted to online platforms. Due to this many private teachers and tutors don’t get a chance to teach students for their extra income. As online study platform are easy to understand and user friendly and provide visualized education,many parents prefer to teach their children online.

9. Legal Secretary

Over 30,000 legal occupations have already been automated as a result of technological advancements. Legal secretaries are examples of such positions.

Furthermore, according to recent Deloitte research, over 114,000 legal employment might be automated over the next two decades as the sector continues to incorporate new technology such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

 As robotization and digitization take over their primary activities, this technological disruption might considerably diminish the employment available in the industry for legal secretaries.

10. Printing press operator

For some time now, there has been debate regarding the future of the print media sector, with numerous newspapers pouring more time and material into their online counterparts. Furthermore, Millennials want to acquire their news from less biased, less conventional sources, which means that the printing business must adapt and change – or perish.

This means that print press operators may see a large drop in business. But one thing is certain: the age of the print newspaper is coming to an end. Why wait till tomorrow to read about the news when there are so many sites online that provide up-to-the-minute coverage?

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