Top 10 Best Options Trading Courses | To Learn Option trading

Top 10 Best Options Trading Courses | To Learn Options trading. If done correctly, options trading may provide large percentage returns on investment. Many people nowadays are eager to start trading options. One of the main reasons for this is that it allows investors to engage in the capital market with a small financial foundation and minimal risk. Joining one of the finest options trading courses may help traders understand the ins and outs of making options trading a successful activity by utilizing other options trading methods other than calls and puts.

Anyone who wishes to make money trading options must devote a significant amount of time and effort to learning how to trade as well as the necessary options trading skills and expertise. Completing tailored courses that teach you how to enter into options trading in a methodical and patient manner while being able to locate winning trade settings is a simple way to achieve this. Along with offering crucial information, it also assists you in developing the confidence needed to make successful transactions.

Here are the top 10 best options trading courses

1. Options Trading Club

Options Trading Club is by far the most beneficial options trading education source if you want to be a skilled options trader. Options Trading Club is the most popular options trading discord server. Gianmarco, the lead trader, does a fantastic job of giving successful trading alerts in any trading strategy as well as instruction to enable anybody to become a professional options trader. Trading tactics include but not limited to covered calls, iron condor, credit spread, simple puts and calls, calendar spread, bull call spread, and more. To see the strong prior performance, you may see the trade logs here. Since Options Trading Club is a high-quality club, it only accepts new participants via an application.

2. Simpler Trading

The Simpler Trading platform features a complete training course which is presented by famous options trader, John Carter, who has published the book “Mastering the Trade” and has more than 25 years of expertise in options trading. This course has just the perfect combination of instruction, engagement, and trading tools to enhance participants’ knowledge and assist them in developing confident and successful trading strategies. Furthermore, the given 20-minute premium webinars are one of the most important tools, as they are jam-packed with market news, an overview of various options strategies, multiple instructional, and assessments of the day’s transactions.

3. Option Trading Basic

This is a low-cost decent quality course given by Udemy specifically created for people who are intrigued about options trading but are not yet ready to spend in a full-blown course. It is taught by trader and options guru, Hari Swaminathan, who has upskilled more than 90,000 options aficionados. This short, 11.5-hour video-based course covers all aspects of options trading, beginning with an introduction to Call and Put Options and on to complex subjects such as Time Decay, Implied Volatility, Greeks, and eventually covering Call and Put Live Trades.

4. Trading For Beginners

As the name implies, this course from Investopedia Academy is primarily geared for novices and offers a unique combination of 50 courses coupled with video exercises. This course, which costs $199, is self-paced, does not require any prerequisites, and includes a certificate of completion. It exposes traders to the fundamental principles and techniques of trading, including options trading, and covers themes such as market kinds, trading regulations, and trading as a hobby vs. a business. Beginners can use this course to decide whether they are ready to trade options.

5. Options Trading For Rookies

This is another fantastic beginner-friendly course accessible on the Udemy marketplace. It is a combination of two courses with the second one covering more about trading methods. The course helps the learner to first grasp how options fundamentally function and subsequently illustrates how options trading takes place in the actual world. The term “responsibility” refers to the act of determining whether or not a person is responsible for his or her own actions. The entire course is laid out clearly and explains crucial topics such as what happens to options when the underlying stock value falls or when to purchase or sell a call.

6. Bullish Bears

The Bullish Bears options trading course is rich in context and affordable in cost. Its primary concentration appears to be on Options Trading. It starts with the fundamentals and then moves on to how to interpret an options chain. It costs $97 a month and includes access to the whole course as well as some extra features such as a live-streaming trading room to help learners crystalize their learnings or build professional networks with other Bullish Bear students. One may also take advantage of the 7-day full-access free trial to see if they like the course.

7. Beginners stock option trading High Probability Profit Trades

It is one of the quickest and most economical courses on options trading. Even someone with no prior experience of Options Trading would feel at ease with it. The training is available on the Skillshare platform and has been designed with beginners in mind. Its trainer, Eric Blair, enjoys offering life tips and ideas that might motivate learners to achieve their trading objectives with ease in the future. The course covers a variety of subjects. It starts with the basics, such as what are stock options, and then moves on to trading strategies and technical analysis.

8. Option Alpha

When it comes to free education, Option Alpha is one of the greatest options. It features 13 high-quality Options Trading courses along with hundreds of other free-of-cost instructive videos. Curated by Kirk du Plessis, a former investment banker, and analyst, these courses address both, fundamental themes like Options Basics, Entries, and Exits as well as technical ones like Bullish, Neutral, and Bearish Strategies, Portfolio Management, Pricing and Volatility, and many more. Anyone interested in learning Options Trading at their own speed can take advantage of Option Alpha’s free service.

9. Professional Options Trader

Online Trading Academy’s sixty-hour hybrid Professional Options Trader course teaches a rule-based approach to options trading. It includes live market planning discussions as well as interactive lab tasks. Before attending this course, no prior trading experience is required, and the organizers normally recommend that students view their Core Strategies, Online Student Orientation, and Option pre-essential videos first. However, on the disadvantage, the course is highly pricey and does not allow a flexible timetable.

Whether mastered with or without the assistance of a professional instructor, mastering options trading abilities takes years of patience and practice. Furthermore, because they are built by some of the top experienced options traders out there, all of the options trading courses described above are exceptional at offering thorough educational information. Anyone interested in taking any of these courses should first consider the cost and scope of their knowledge requirements before embarking on their learning path.

10.  Warrior Trading

There are cheaper options trading schools on our list, but few deliver the end-to-end quality of organized instruction, industry reputation, live training, value-add resources, and close support that Warrior Trading does, making it our choice as the most overall course offering.

Warrior Trading provides everything from penny stock trading to IRA day trading. Its options trading course is treated and supported in the same way as its other highly rated courses, with substantial training, access to a live trading chatroom, and usage of a real-time trading simulator. That is why we selected Warrior Trading as the finest options trading course in terms of comprehensive offering in options trading training. With over 900,000 YouTube subscribers since its inception in 2012, Warrior Trading has established itself as one of the best trading schools.

With its comprehensive educational materials, world-class teachers, highly organized curriculums, live events, group mentorship, and interactive chat rooms, Warrior Trading feels more like a university.

Beginner options traders can profit from Warrior Trading’s free lessons before enrolling in the Starter program, which costs $997. That may appear to be a lot of money, but discounts are frequently available, and students receive all they need to start a profitable trading career, including 15 chapters of content, access to live trading chat rooms, and usage of a real-time trading simulator. When they’re ready, they may sign up for a $197 monthly membership to keep access to these materials.

Members can upgrade to the Warrior Pro Package for a 90-day intense course. The advanced course costs $5,997 for three months, with reductions available again and membership continuing for $197 every month. Warrior Pro students can also participate in group mentorship up to six times each year.


All of the options trading courses on our list provide thorough instructional content produced and presented by some of the top experienced options traders. If that’s all you need, Udemy is the least-priced alternative. You might also subscribe to Option Alpha to gain free access to its entire 12-course program. If you want to progress higher up the learning curve, you may become a member and have access to additional in-depth trading training, coaching, and trading tools.

You can’t go wrong with Simpler Trading, regardless of your level of experience. It features the greatest combination of comprehensive offerings, tools, and resources at reasonable costs, as designed and guided by famous trader John Carter.

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