Stock Market and Forex Market

What are the difference between the Stock market and Forex market?

What are the difference between the stock market and forex market you have already asked me about the advantages of the forex market, and how much people earn in it? So the basic questions which you have, you are going to get the answers to through this blog.  Till now you know that the stock market is the market where we buy shares of the company and sell them. The forex market is of currencies where currencies are bought and sold.

Stock Market and Forex Market

Now, what are the advantages of the stock market and forex market let us understand them very first if you want to know about the advantages of the stock market and forex market this starts with the timings of the forex market there are many people who are not able to trade because they have a limitation of time in share market opens from Monday to Friday and it opens from 9:15 am to 3:30 pm according to India timing. They might be not able to trade because of the job process or business, and on Saturday or Sunday market doesn’t open .now the forex market has this difference that it is also open from Monday to Friday but it opens for 24 hours. The market is open for you for 24 hours, now this is the very first thing. The second is in the forex market the risk levels are different than that of the stock market. Here in the forex market, you can start trading with less capital the reason is because of leverage. I will tell you about leverage in detail later. Next, you have learned technical analysis, when you trade in the forex market then here you should know about the technicals as they work better through technicals. You can trade with technicals and you can test your knowledge. One advantage which people find in the forex market is that forex market is preferred because they can quickly get the returns on their Investments. Here spreads are smaller comparatively. Spreads as you have seen in the Crypto market that when you buy or sell bitcoin then you have seen the difference in price and at the very same time while selling and buying there is a difference in the price similarly difference is in Forex also but this difference of buying and selling is very less in the forex market because of which people prefer forex market because in the very same time the spread is very low. A trade which you do in the stock market there is a centralized exchange in forex market you trade on otc, means over-the-counter. People from all over the world are participating and the forex market at the very same time so the volume is very high as that of the stock market so these are major benefits. When we talk about trading Forex trading why they prefer it because there is leverage and leverage means that if you have one Rupee then with one rupee you can trade for 500 rupees so here you get leverage of 500:1 now there are some brokers which provide you the leverage of more than this, for example, 888:1 the ratio of leverage is provided. This is a leading multi-regulated Forex broker, now they have more than 5 million they are in 196 countries.  you can do trading with 1000+ instruments to trade on 16 platforms. Now they have multiple offers going on, for this month the offer which is going on is that you get a 100% deposit benefit. It is a user-friendly app and you can trade from anywhere anytime  You get free education also this is very important as in Forex there is leverage, the margin is very high the margin is very high here we have to understand that profit would be very high and loss to could be also the very same. So here this is a very important thing your losses can happen if you didn’t learn first. Through MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 with both, you can trade. As you will make your account you will get deposit benefits so very first you should focus on learning and then you can start earning. Now all the things which you have learned till now let’s summarise all that. The forex market is a currency market you have understood this is 24/5 open and you are getting the benefit of leverage trading now all these are benefits which you have understood but the very important thing which you have to understand is in forex market leverage is like a double-edged sword for you which means that if you use it for your benefit then you can get a lot of profits but if you trade without learning and gamble then you can get losses so in short today you understood about the stock market and forex market other than this we have made one more blog in which about basics of the forex market. Finally, if you like this blog share it with your friends so that they also get to know about the forex market if you are reading this blog on Facebook then follow us  @Stockinbulls.

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