NIYO GLOBAL CARD Review: Best International FOREX CARD

NIYO GLOBAL CARD Review: Best International FOREX CARD


NIYO GLOBAL CARD Review: Hi, guys welcome back to Stock IN Bulls if you are a student who is planning to study abroad and even if you’re a traveller who’s planning to travel abroad you must be thinking about what’s the best way to make payments abroad because there are many options available but you have to choose which one is the best option and in this blog, I will be talking about the best option which is niyo global card i have been using this card when i use to travel to a foreign country.

i’m very satisfied with this Niyo global card so i will be talking about it in this blog.

Different Modes of Payment:

But before we begin first we need to understand what are the different modes of payments that are available so first one is cash then debit cards or credit cards and then forex cards right but there are certain problems associated with these options if you’re carrying cash it can be unsafe to carry and you cannot carry a lot of cash because it’s unsafe and if you’re using debit or credit cards you will have to pay exorbitant rates for international transactions.

 you can also make payments using forex cards but in order to do that you will have to load money in advance you will have to convert that currency into the other currency and in this process you will spend some extra time and you will have to pay bank charges as an additional fee for currency conversion.

 So what is the most affordable and convenient solution to make payments i believe it’s Niyo global card is the best solution of it .

What is NIYO Global Card?

Niyo global card is a card you can bank on no matter where you are in the world it is suitable for people like international students spenders savers or smart travelers now you will ask what are some of the features of the NIYO global card the best feature is zero forex markup.

So the thing with forex cards is that when you have to convert that amount into another currency you have to pay some extra charges for example if i search on google pounds to Indian currency conversion rate it would be around 100 but when i actually load the money into my forex card i will end up paying the conversion rate of around 104 to 105 so that’s the extra markup cost which is zero.

In the case of Niyo global card the next best feature is you can load the card instantly it saves a lot of time and effort i use UPI to load my card from my indian bank accounts so it’s just like i’m using my indian bank account here because i can load the money using my indian upi and then i can use Niyo global card to make foreign transactions.

 Niyo global card can also give you access to airports although currently it is limited to domestic airports but still it’s an added benefit and just like other cards you can lock and unlock your card anytime you will get exclusive deals on Niyo global guide you can also use the ATM locator to find out ATM in different locations and the app also has a live currency converter that you can use to check live currency rates my experience with Niyo global card has been quite positive.

i’ve been using this card every time i use it i save at least three to five percent on forex transactions because i’m not using any other forex card i can load money by UPI like i mentioned and there is no need to visit any online website to load money in advance so that also saves some hustle  and the live currency converter helps me find out how much i will end up spending on foreign transactions so these are all the benefits of the card so if you have a passport all you need is the Niyo global card and you are set to go global.

 i will be adding useful links of this cards details , So do check them out and if you are a student who’s planning to study abroad or if you’re a traveler who’s planning to travel abroad and will be making payments abroad do get NIYO global card i’m sure you will get a lot of benefits out of it.

Niyo Global Card website: Click here

Niyo Global Card App : Click Here

Features of Niyo Global Cards:

NO 1

NiYO Global Card: It’s just like a normal Visa debit card which gives you access to global POS, ATM, and online transactions. Here are some feature on how to apply for it –

1. It can be Applied online and they will visit your place and will do the KYC formalities and the card will be issued to the bank account of SBM Bank on the spot.

2. You just have to deposit first time only through internet banking. Please note that mobile banking transfers will not work for the first time deposit.

3. You are all set with the niyo global carb . Take this card anywhere in the world ,where Visa card is accepted and you are ready to do your payment

4. The benefit of this card is that there is no markup or exchange fee like all the forex cards. There is no hustle for adding the particular currency again and again or reloading. It can be reloaded easily through NEFT, RTGS, IMPS.

5.Example: You load INR in your card and you visit US for a trip. You swiped there on one of the grocery outlet for 5$. The current US dollar pricing is lets say 80 rupees, so 400 rupees will be deducted from your card. NO exchange fee, NO advance markup fee, nothing.

6.The best part is you can temporarily lock/unlock your card when you need or card get stolen, check the live currency exchange rates, balance and transactions, everything with one touch on your mobile app.

7.They have whatsapp support and you get otp on your emails as well when you are abroad so need of sim for otp is also not an issue.

8 . The only drawback is that payments get settled by merchant after 2 days and that day’s exchange prices are deducted, and balance is either added or subtracted from your account.

9.Let me give an example. In the above transaction of 10$, the price when transaction will be approved by merchant after 2 days, that time exchange price changes to 69 rupees, so you will get 700–690= 10 rupees will be credited back in your account. At the same time if the exchange prices changes to 71 rupees, it will be 700–710= -10, so 10 rupees will be deducted from your account.

10. There is no ATM fee charged from NiYO Global card. However, the ATM that you are using, that bank might charge you some fee.

Overall its a best bet to take NiYO Global card with you as it will save you around 25% of your money, by giving you benefits like no markup fee, no exchange fee and no ATM transaction fee for straight 5 years.

This is the best card and 100% alternative for all the forex cards and I definitely recommend this as your companion on your international trips.


What is online banking?

Online Banking is doing banking without a visit to the branches for works transfer money, issuing atm cards, cheques book, account transfers, , draft and so many more activities which you can do without going bank.

What is the NIYO account?

NiYO Global Card is a next-generation forex card that eliminates the many pain points of current-generation forex cards. To start with, it’s an INR card, which can be used globally (150+ countries), including in India and card can be loaded via any bank account using IMPS/NEFT without any charges.

What are the benefits of neo-banking?

Neo banks are known as Direct banks. They are 100% digital. They reach customers on their mobiles and PCs. They are technologically driven and have no physical presence (branch) like other banks.
Being branchless banks they save spending on-premises and stationary etc.
For customers, they need not go to bank premises for their normal banking transactions. They can get banking services on mobile any time just like net- banking or mobile banking. It is time-saving and hassle-free.

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