Top 5 Indian Stocks Affected By Russia Ukraine War

As you’ve seen in the title, this post is about the top Indian stocks affected by Russia Ukraine war crisis. Plus the tips on how to invest during the stock market crash. Every stock market effect every physical reason behind every country. Every country is equally connected to each other in different terms. Some of the developed countries face any other issue in their country, it affects every physical reason of any of the stock markets.

Due to this, the fight between Russia and Ukraine is affecting the Indian stock market too. Due to this, the Indian investors lost Rs 13.5 lakhs CR  Today as Sensex witnessed the biggest Fall in 2 years. Sensex Crashes 2700 points, whereas NIFTY falls 815 points to close below 16,300 as Russia invades Ukraine. Putin riding the bear market today in every stock industry.

Due to this Fight, the Russian index has also plunged over 15%  in the last two trading sessions. On Recording it is the biggest one-day fall since Russia seized Crimea in 2014 as per definitive data.

Indian Stocks Affected By Russia Ukraine War
Indian Stocks Affected By Russia Ukraine War


Here is a list of Top 5 Indian Stocks Affected By Russia Ukraine War:


Tata Motors’ biggest leading industry is also affected by the bear market today due to the attack on Ukraine. It is the biggest fall in the tata industry after the covid crisis. Tata motors open at 457 INR points and closed at 425.9 and got a loss of 10.71% which is a huge loss due to which many bull investors got the loss today.

But for the small investors, it is a good chance to buy the stock and hold it for the upcoming sessions so that they can get a huge profit from it.

#2 UPL

UPL united phosphorus LTD. It is also one of the biggest industries in the Indian stock market. UPL opens at 670INR and got a huge fall at the end of the day and got closed at the 631INR. UPL got a loss of 8.28%.


Induslnd Bank is one of the biggest private commercial banks in India. IN 2010 IndusInd bank has restricted to a Moscow-based business bank JCB instream for India-bound settlements. Due to this Russia and Ukraine war JCB instream and Induslnd bank shares are also affected today. Induslnd Bank open at 919.5 INR and Closed at 890.35 INR got a loss of -80.35 INR which is a huge loss of 8.45 % in the stock market.


Grasim is a cement-based manufacturing company that is held by the Aditya Birla group. Which as the revenue of 77,449 Crores INR (USD $ 10 billion ) Grasim is also affected by bear today got the huge scratch to buy the bear market. Grasim opened at 1625.0 INR and got closed at 1539 INR  got a loss of  -130.80 INR which is a loss of 7.83 % today.


Hero Motocorp LTD. Is an Indian multinational motorcycle and scooter manufacturing . Hero Motocorp opens at 2,614.75 INR  And Closed at 2,500 INR got a loss of  -170.65 INR its around 6.39 % which is not that much but for some investors got a huge loss in this stock today due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Till the War end, Putin will ride the bear market. So it is a good opportunity for Small investors.


Tip for the small investors  Buy all these stock that got the loss today at the cheap price and hold it for the upcoming session. so that all small investors can gain a huge amount of profit in the upcoming sessions.

So these were some of the Top Indian Stocks Affected by Russia Ukraine War. Share in the comments what you think about stock market direction during these times.

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