How to use trading view pro Features for Free

How to use trading view pro Features for Free

how to use trading view pro features for free like multiple chart layout in trading view for free for the lifetime that’s something that we are going to discuss today in this blog of market secrets you all know the trading view is a wonderful website/ software, especially for charting.

 If you are into price action trading or any other form of trading which involves drawing the zones in the chart then the trading view provides an excellent platform and tools to do the charting even though the free account from the trading view gives you most of the things that you need there are few things that is available only to the paid numbers and the paid subscription of trading view, which is extremely costly one of the most important option for any trader is multiple chart layout in a single window so if you look at the trading view chart layout there are a lot of options you can have one chart, two chart, three chart ,four charts,five charts, six chart or even eight charts in one single window.

 But all these options are available only to the paid members but there is a trick which you can use

to get this feature for free forever and to avail this feature for free you need to download and use

vivaldi browser this is one of the most famous browsers in the world right now and it provides

tons and tons of options that is not available in any browser and it is one of the most secure browsers in the world  right now so you don’t need to hesitate to download vivaldi browser you can just google it and you can find yourself how secure this browser is so download this browser and install it and launch trading view from this particular browser.

Steps to use trading view pro features for free With Vivaldi Browser

1. so now launch  trading view on Vivaldi browser

2.  Now create multiple chart windows of different time frame.

3.  Now all you have to do is if you want all these created charts in one single window

4. you just have to select all these charts together using the shift key or control key

5. Right-click on the selected windows and select the tile for tabs option.

6. So immediately you will be able to see all the charts of different time frames on a single window.

So, all  this feature is currently available for only paid members in trading view but with Vivaldi browser you can get it for free forever and by default will body browser blocks all the ads so you won’t be annoyed with the ads from the trading view that is another advantage that you have with vivaldi browser like this there are number of features that is available in trading view that can be avail for free forever.

 We will reveal it all based on the reach for this particular blog so if you find this blog useful please do share it with your friends and spread it if this blog.

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Top 8 Features Of Trading View in Paid Account

If you use TradingView, then you must know that trading view also offers Paid Plans. But, are those paid plans worth the money? What additional features do you get in those paid plans? So, in this blog, we’ll talk about the Top 8 features of trading view in the paid account. Which will help you in taking the decision whether you should buy the paid plan of TradingView or not. So, Let’s Start.

1. the First feature in our list is – “Second Based Time Frame”

Whichever charting platform you use The lowest time frame you’ll find is either 2 Minutes or 1 Minute. You’ll not find time frames below this in any charting platform. That means, you’ll not be able to capture and thoroughly analyse the movement below 1 minute in other charting platforms.

But, it is possible in TradingView. Because here you find time frames like 1 Second, 5 Seconds, 15 Seconds and 30 Seconds. Meaning, each candle will form in 15 seconds if you choose 15 Seconds time frame. It might not be of much use in normal days But, if it is an Event Day, like Budget Announcement, Interest Rate Announcement, or Quarterly Results In those days, you can find such profitable opportunities, which a normal trader can not capture. Only High-Frequency Traders (HFTs) have access to these time frames.

So, you can use these time frames to get an idea of trading happening at that level. Have you used Second Based Time Frames before? If Yes, How was your experience? Do let us know in the comments below.

MULTIPLE TIME FRAME FEATURE – source trading view

2. The next feature in our list – “Advanced Spread Charts

In a normal chart, you write the name of the stock and the stock’s chart will open. And these are simple chart. But do you know about other possibilities in these charts? You might not be aware of most of them.

For example, you can add (+) two stocks. or you can subtract (-) two stocks. or you can divide (÷) two stocks. even you can multiply (x) two stocks. These charts are called SPREAD CHARTS.

These spread charts are used for advanced analysis. Now, let’s talk about some of the basic uses of spread charts.

For example, a stock is traded in USA and you want to convert its price in Indian Rupees. You can do that using a Spread Chart. Or if you want to compare the performance of two stocks You can do that using a Spread Chart. This technique is called Relative Strength.

You can also find arbitrage opportunities using these charts.

For example, in this chart, I have Subtracted TataMotors (NSE) from TataMotors (BSE). Now, this spread chart will open.

These big spikes in these charts this means, at these spikes, the Tatamotors stock is trading at a lower price in one exchange and a higher price in another exchange. When this happens, you can buy the stock at a lower price in one exchange and you can sell the stock at a higher price in other exchange. And this is called Exchange Arbitrage.

You can do many such experiments to find many such profitable opportunities. You should know, many high-frequency trading firms only use arbitrage strategies to make money.

They only find arbitrage opportunities and capture them for profit. Have you used these charts before? Have you used any such technique before? If yes, do let us know in the comments below.

3. Next feature in our list – “Live Stocks Screener”

If you trade in markets, you must have used some stock screener in the past. Most of those screeners have one common issue. They are not Real-Time. The data is either delayed by a day or a few minutes. Even if they provide real-time data, the features remain limited. You won’t find many options there.

And the solution to this is TradingView Stocks Screener. You can change time frames here. This screener has several filters. All this data is Real-Time. If you are a Day Trader and looking for such stock screener then this screener is right for you. Have you used this screener before?

If yes, then how was your experience? Do let us know in the comments below.

4. Next feature in our list is – “Invite-Only Indicators”

If you know how to code, you can make Custom Indicators and Strategies using Pine Editor Feature. You can use Invite-Only Feature to limit the access of those indicators to selected people. They won’t see your code. But will be able to use your indicator. You can use this feature to make indicators and sell them. And because many people are using TradingView worldwide So, your distribution will be very easy.

Many of my friends make indicators and sell them. This is a very good Add-On Income Source for them. If you know How To Code, do give it a try.

5. Next feature in our list – “Custom Bar Replay”

When you perform manual backtesting in your chart or when you want to check whether an indicator or strategy works or not Many times, it is very difficult to evaluate just by watching these normal charts. Real-time charts are best for this purpose. And for that, we can use Chart Replay Moe. Where when you click anywhere in your charts,  your chart will start from that exact point. And you can play those charts just like Real-Time Charts.

Your charts will start fluctuating just like any Real-Time Chart. You can also increase or decrease the speed of charts. There are no limitations in terms of Time Frames you can use. You can work with a 1-minute time frame, or even 1-second time frame. It works in all the time frames.

If you are into Manual Backtesting, this feature will help you a lot. Have you used this feature before?

What is your feedback regarding the same? You can let us know in the comments below.

6. Next feature in our list – “Volume Profile Charts”.

If you have used a volume profile before, you must have seen it in this format. But this version is very subjective. This volume profile is created using the data visible on your screen. How much data should be present on your screen for best results? It is very subjective. To remove subjectivity, many other features are present here in volume profile.

My favourite feature is the Session Volume. In this, the volume profile is created separately for every trading session. If you are a volume profile trader, this feature must be your favourite one. These volume profile charts have the most critical information. This is the best thing in your charts if you interpret them properly. Have you used volume profile before?

If yes, do let us know in the comments below.

7. Next feature in our list – “Multiple Device Access”.

The biggest issue with the free version of TradingView is you can use it on one device at a time.

There is no such limitation on the paid version. You can open it on multiple devices at the same time.

In fact, just like many people in India buy Netflix together Similarly, if it suits you, you can buy trading view with your friends to share the cost. So that, the cost per person will get reduced to minimum. Are you also sharing TradingView cost with someone else? Or are you using it alone?

Do let us know in the comments below.

8. Next feature in our list – “Export Chart Data”.

If you want to export your chart’s data to an Excel Sheet That is possible in TradingView.

When you click this button, chart data, including indicator data, will be downloaded in Excel Sheet. This similar feature is also available in the Stocks Screener. Firstly, apply all the filter and then click on this button. Filtered data will be downloaded in an excel sheet. This feature is very useful for many people. Do you also use an excel sheet to analyze the markets?  

If yes, do let us know in the comments below.

So this is our list of Top 8 Paid Features of TradingView. TradingView also offers free 30 days trial for its paid plans. And also, when your trial will be about to end At that time, TradingView offers you a 50% discount on it’s paid plans. If you want, you can opt for your paid plan at a 50% discount at that time.


If you want to use the trading view multiple time frame feature then you can use the Vivaldi browser , Then no need for buying the trading view pro , if you want to use the all the top 8 features of trading view in paid account then buy trading view pro , Vivaldi browser only provide the multiple time frame feature of the the trading that the only secret tip of using it . Vivaldi browser don’t provide the other paid feature. For using the other paid feature to boost your trading experience then you have to buy it .

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Download Vivaldi Browser – click here

Which is the best browser for trading ?

The best browser for trading is the Vivaldi browser because it provides some cool feature for trading like multiple time frame chart, which is only provided in the pro features of the trading view. It also blocks ads that are provided by some websites. Vivaldi browser’s best feature is the tile tab feature which helps in trading much. This browser doesn’t lag like some other browser. So I would recommend you to go with the Vivaldi browser for trading.

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