How Tata Motors Is Ruling The EV Space in India?

Tata motors ruling the Ev space in India. As we know that Tata Motors is one of the biggest leading sectors of Cars and motors in India. Tata use to make one of the best cars in India and people use to prefer tata cars based on reliability and safety and luxury.

As we know that in the upcoming year everything will be based on the electric sector. Which is good for the environment and Natural resources. Electric vehicles are still not that common on Indian roads. But where ever we see we can find one or two. A small flashback, On January 28, 2020, Tata released its compact electric SUV NEXON. The first “ made in India “ electric vehicle. The interesting part is that all the Green number plates cars we see in India are majorly tata Nexon EV

SO Why TATA? And how did Tata manage to rule the Space?

IN covid 19 impact was active during that time and it affect the sales a lot but some strategies and smart moves, helped it to crack the barriers amid the slowdown.

Breaking Barriers

In the first quarter, Tata Motors was at a loss. But from April – to November 2020, Tata Motors has sold 2959 units in the Indian market which was a huge sale in the Electric vehicle industry. What impresses the most is that out of these 2959 units, 2086 Belonged to the Tata Nexon Ev.

So we can say that the whole Electric industry was driven by Tata Nexon Electric vehicle.

How Did Tata Attract So many customers?

Tata motors simply became customer-centric and focused on providing the best experience.

It broke down three major Myths.

  1. The price of the electric vehicle is 2-2.5 times higher.
  2. The range is less than 200 Km.
  3. No thrill while driving

Tata designed Nexon Ev in just 14 -16 months and priced it just 1-1.5 lakhs above the normal variant. Moreover, in Delhi, it was cheaper than the diesel variant. Moreover, it also is the safest and most stylish car made in India. Well, Tata motor cars are always provided with a 5-star rating in safety and stylish.

Tata motors Future Endeavours.

Tata also has the 2 more best luxury car brands in India Jaguar and  Land Rover. Which was sold by the Ford to the Tata motors. Now Tata is owning these luxury card brands.

Tata is planning to introduce 10 electric vehicles by 2025 including both commercial and passenger vehicles. Tata Motors already has I-pace in its Jaguar and land rover unit as an Ev. And it is looking forward to achieving 60% Ev sales of annual Landrover Sales.

Upcoming Tata EVs are Tiago Ev priced around 6 lakhs, making it affordable to almost anyone, and Tata Sierra and Tata Altroz Ev are also on the list of upcoming EVs. Moreover, data is more focused on introducing EVs to the mass market and making them affordable to everyone.

“ Within PV, the performance of the Ev business is particularly noteworthy. We strengthened our market leadership to 71.4 percent, led by sales of more than 4,000 NExon Ev units since it is launch last Year – N Chandrasekaran ( chairperson of Tata group)”

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Growth Factor Of Tata Motors

Tata has seen massive growth in recent months and tata Nexon Ev can be given the credit as it became the best-selling compact SUV.

Tata alone participated in selling 2000 units out of a total of 3000 sales (2086 out of 2959) making it have the biggest market share.

This is how Tata managed to rule the Ev space in the Indian market.

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