8+ Best Indian stock market blogs to Follow

8+ Best Indian stock market blogs to Follow

Best Indian stock market blogs to follow to learn investing and trading: hello millionaires it’s good to see that you’re on my blog and if you’re trying to learn about the stock market that’s the best thing that you’re doing and wish you all the very best for that today’s blog is going to be very simple i’m going to tell you about how to learn about the stock market if you want to achieve some sort of success in the stock market.

If you guys are looking for the best Indian stock market blogs for getting knowledge about stocks trading , stock fundamental analysis, stocks technical analysis and best of all stock investing for a better result, then you have come to the right place.

There are thousands of stock investing and trading blogs in India , however in this article we have to find and analysis and hand-picked the 8+ best Indian stock market blogs for every Indian who is interested in trading and investing. You should follow all these Indian equity investors.

NOTE: Please read this blog till the End. We have some bonus tips and the last of this article.

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8+ Best Indian Stock Market Blogs To Follow

1. Zerodha Varsity

Zerodha varsity was founded by Nithin Kamath. Nithin Kamath is the Founder and CEO of te Zerodha. Zerodha was established in 2010 . Today Zeroda as changed the landscape of the Indian broking industry.

Whereas , Zerodha as many founders and Co-founder but . Zerodha Varsity is mainly owned by the Karthik Rangappa, He is Chief of Education in Zerodha, he is the Guru of the Zerodha Varsity. He use to write all the articles for the Zerodha with his Knowledge.

Source: Zerodha Varsity

In zerodha Varsity you can get the very deep knowledge about the Stock market and you can also find all the financial lessons which is created by the Karthik Rangappa at Zerodha Varsity.

In Zerodha varsity you get the 14+  major topics about the Finance and stock market. In my knowledge, I have mainly learned about the stock market and personal finance from the Zerodha Varsity. You can also get the blog in Hindi also. Zerodha’s blog is mainly attached with Some Videos on different topics you can also Check That. Go to this blog and grab all the knowledge about finance.

2. Trade Brains

Source: Tade Brains

Trade Brains was Founded by kritesh Abhishek in 2017. Train brain is one of the fastest growing Financial educational blogs in India with 45k+ newsletter subscribers within a year and a half of inception. This blog is for teaching the stock market investing and personal finance so that you do invest on yourself.

Currently, it is the best to blog on google whose most of the blog are ranking in the top 10 Searches.

3. Fundoo Professor

In the 3rd place, we have the Fundoo professor which is managed by Professor Sanjay Bakshi. He is an MBA graduate student who has done specialization in Finance and business valuation. And also have a piece of great knowledge in te Financial Shenanigance & governance. On Fundoo professor blog Mr. professor, Sanjay Bakshi shares all these thoughts as mentor, teacher & practitioner of value investing and behavioral economics.

Currently, this blog has hundreds of blog posts and has many interesting lessons on investing and human behavior on the stock market .its a great read for Indian investors to build a strong investing foundation.


Get Money Rich blog was founded in 2008 by Mani. In this blog website, you can read a number of cool and interesting articles regarding stock investing, mutual funds, Real Estate, Finance, Income tax & personal finance, etc. on this blogging website.

This blog also has to analyze new stock tips and tricks for new investors and traders. You can read these articles to understand, how to analyze the stock and on which factors how to select the stocks. This blog gives a brief description of the value stock, undervalued stock & overvalued stock.

This blog website is simple and easy to understand the valuable content . Its is the one of the best india stock market blogs to learn how to invest in stock & learn how to trade in the stock market to boost your financial insights.

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5. Nitin Bhatia

Nitin bhatia.in Is the is the stock market blog  website which is owned and managed by the Nitin Bhatia  , who has coverd all the area of the finance sector like investment, stocks , insurance, Mutual Funds, Credit Scores and business Startups. He also run a youtube Channel with over 290K + subscriber.

6. Safal Niveshak

Safal Niveshak blog is managed by Vishal Khandelwal and Anshul Khare. Basic Meaning of “ Safal Niveshak” is a Successful investor. The owner of this blog “vishal” has the 15+ year of experience as an investor. This blog use to focuses to help small investors to have a piece of great knowledge about stock market investing to be a successful investors.

7. Stable Investors

Stable investor owner is Dev Ashish , he is well known trader and investor. He is SEBI verified/ Registerd investment financial Advisor.

Main motive of this blog is to focus to help people invest with the great knowledge to achive there financial goals, and to get their personal finance in order and invest profitable in stocks.

8. Dr. Vijay Malik

Dr.Vijay malik is a SEBI registered Analyst . He use to run Blog on Stock market and personal finance by Dr.Vijay Malik.

He has been involved in the Indian equity market since 2006. The Blog article is to simplify the process of investment . He also provide the premium sevices on stock analysis and many more.

Dr.Vijay Malik also provide the analysis report on the best performing companies and stock.

Bonus: Top Stock market blog which are also in our list

Hello, Millionaires here are some Bouns Top stock market blog which can help you to improve your investing and trading experiences these were in my list so don’t forget to go through them .

9. MoneyExcel

This blog is run by Shitanshu Kapadia. Money Excel main motive is to spared awareness to people about the finance and financial product. Currently this blog has 1000+ Blog articles & and it basically covers the brief topic abou the Stock market , Mutual Fund, Taxes And many more about business ideas. They also run a Youtube channel .

10. Money Control

money control
source: moneycontrol.com

Money Control is one of the best and most genuine websites since 1999. Money control blog gives the best knowledge about personal finance, News of the Indian economy and offer the end-of-day stock price list, etc. Recently moneycontrol get over 17 million users every month. It is one of the best and the largest financial platform in india. So don’t forget to use this website before starting your trading business.

11. E-learn market Blog

How can we forget the news website which covers the all the financial and economy blog eLearn markets is one of them. Elearn market also covers the investment tips , stock education and insights form advisors .

12. Groww Blog:

Groww is one of the popular broker in india. Recently Groww has stated their blog post to give knowledge about the stock and mutual funds and many more . Groww Covers the all the basic and lastest financial and stock market blog articles.

13. Stock In Bulls

How could I forget my blog, my blog website is not in the top 10  but Stockinbulls consist of Stock market knowledge, the Forex market, personal Finance education, cryptocurrency & Finance job list also. So, Don’t forget to visit my website too.


That’s all for this blog where we covered the Best Indian stock market blogs to follow to learn investing and trading most of them were best rated and underated website blogs of the stock market.If you think we missed any blog form our list so feel free to Comment below.

FAQ:8+ Best Indian stock market blogs to Follow

Is Groww better than Zerodha?

Is Groww better than Zerodha?

While Zerodha and Groww, both are online discount brokers, Zerodha is better than Groww on the following counts: Zerodha is the pioneer of the discount broking business in India. Zerodha offers brokerage-free Equity Delivery trading. Zerodha allows to trade in Currency as well as Commodities along with Equity and F&O.

What is the best blog or website for Indian stock market analysis?

Trade brains is the the best blog on Indian stock market analysis. It was founded in January 2017 and covers topics related to stock analysis, IPO, fundamental and technical analysis, intraday trading, and more

Which is the best website for India Stock analysis and Data Feed?

1. MoneyControl – MoneyControl provides the basic data of stocks. It also has everything that an investor might need starting from live market data to stock analysis.
2. Economic Times – Economic Times provides you with updates relating to day-to-day market performance along with the financial statements and the trends of companies in which you may consider investing.
3. NSE – The NSE website has a lot of constructive articles and papers on different strategies. These articles may prove to be helpful for those who have just started investing in the stock market.
4. BSE – BSE is somewhat similar to NSE. It also provides us with a bunch of great articles and data. Also, the website is pretty useful for tracking corporate announcements, insider activity, and much more.

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