10 Best UNI card alternatives & similar apps

10 Best UNI card alternatives & similar apps: The value of credit card is beyond doubt ,particularly  if you are working as an adult . The credit card is a good companion to you that will help you in budgeting your monthly bills. When you are out of cash. Credit card lend some sort of money as a friends.

Uni card is the app that  provides the all the credit card features with zero joining fees.

UNI card is launched by uni orbit technologies, uni orbit technologies is set to be the newest fintech unicorn. UNI card has the visa network and has collaborated with the RBL bank, SBM ( state bank of Mauritius ), and liquid loans.

uni card
Source – UNI home page

What is Buy now Pay later Apps?

Buy now pay later apps or credit cards has gained much more attention in past few months .

These buy now pay later cards all they  pay for you ,they act as a money companion when you need extra cash .Buy now pay later cards give you some extra offers on online shopping & food at different brands just you have to link your buy now pay later card with you, shopping partner. Most of these apps only have a low interest rate on the amount you borrow.

These buy now pay later cards are based on the credit line. They are also known as credit line cards.

These buy now pay later card give you EMI benefits for almost 90 days with now extra charges. Buy now pay later app has a billing cycle of 15 to 30 days.  This buy now pay later card can also be helpful in paying your electricity bill payment. These buy now pay later card are available for everyone.

Merits and Demerits – Buy now pay later cards

Merits of Buy now pay later apps in India

1. It is easier to get credit. All just you need to do purchase and put it on pay it later.

2. Buy now pay later app are approved by the RBI and are safer method of doing payment.

3. You can also go with the EMI option in buy now pay later apps which give the no interest EMI option.

4. Buy now pay later are best and easy way to increase your credit score.

Demerits  of Buy now pay later apps in india

1. Impulsive shopping with this card can let you in danger when its time to pay back them.

2. These buy now pay later card don’t work for  international transitional

3. Buy now pay later card have the huge penalty on not paying the debt on time .They have high rate of interest when debt are not paid back on time.

4. When there is a delay in paying your debt, it put the negative impact on cibil score .

10 Best UNI card alternatives & similar apps


Slice home page
Source – Sliceit Home page

Best uni card alternative are firstly we have  the SLICE app . Slice has been taken huge jump in the market from the past few months due to it offer  available in the slice card. This card has been mostly use by the student  who can easily send and pay there debts.

Slice offer approximately Rs. 10 lakh in the credit which has been utiliesd by the more than 1.2 corore people in the india.

Without Cibil score you can use slice. Anyone above 18 can apply for the its services.

Slice offers you credit limit without annual or joining fees. You can also slice your payment in  3 month no intrest EMI option. Slice offer you monies for every money you spend That help in coverting into cash later.

2. One Card

One card Offers instant payment through credit line and later you can split you monthly bill in EMI option which is very convenient for the user . This card provide the metallic credit card  like AMEX which look like some millionairs card .

One Card has collavorated with many top banks  which includes IDFC bank , SBM bank , South Indian bank and many more . So it means these card are trustable and visa  approved . User can easily start utilizing the benefits of the card.

One card offers you 5x rewards on the your spending. In one card app you can easily manage your expenses and you can easily track them also.

One card account get activated in 5 minutes with easily simple steps .

3. Lazy Pay

Lazy pay give you advance cash when you requied it . Lazy pay has very excellent option if you want to pay for the online purchases .

Lazy pay gives you instant payment of bills through UPI . Lazy pay gives 15 days to pay them back at zero intrest and late pay can charge you a lot.

Lazy pay offers the loan option if you have a god CIBIL score. Lazy pay gives the offer on the most popular patforms which includes zomato , swiggy, ola , Mcdonals and much more.

It offer you a physical credit card for the offline purchases . On lazy pay, you get instant approval

Lazy pay has no annual fee or hidden charges.

4. Paytm credit card

Everyone knows about the Paytm app which help  in paying money to the merchant, it is one of the leading  1st digital payment app in India . But recently paytm has launched the credit card feature. Paytm has collab with the SBI to give credit card feature . Paytm credit card is accepted all over the india which make the most popular credit card in India.

Paytm offer a flat 1 % cashback on all transaction done with their card . It also help in building the cibil score of the users.

Paytm offer you the extra 5% cashback on the Paytm mall . it has no activation fee.

5. Simpl

Simple is another alternative of Uni card it is also a buy now pay later app which is connected to over 5500 stores across the india.

It lets you borrow the money at no cost. Simple has very good user experience anyone can use this app  and  easy to use at the online buying stuff.

Simple has collab with the biggest Indian brand which includes the zomato , jio , big basket and many more. It don’t carge any extra cost on the credit payment.

6. Bajaj Finance service card

This card is also known as the bajaj finserv EMI card. This card give a credit limit upto 4 lakhs to the user.  This card provide the line of credit to the user , which can be easily use in online shopping, electronic accessories and many more. This card can also be utilized to make purchases with no interest EMI.

This card provides less interest lone to the user. And also have zero charges on shopping

There are no free up to days of withdrawal of the money. It give you 5% discount on the bajaj stores.

7. Post pe

Post pe is owned by the Bharat pe. Post pe is also a buy now pay later card app. Introducing the Post Pe application on your smartphone will permit you to apply for this assistance. The application method is easy to utilize and direct. You get a virtual charge card that you can use to make buys, with a constraint of up to Rs. 10 lakhs. On the actual application, you can likewise screen your expenditure.

Post pe lend you money up to 10 lakhs, but it depends on your CIBIL score. No charges are levied on online or offline transactions.

You can pay the borrowed amounts in the easy EMI option too.

post pe
Source – Postpe HOME page

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Wizi is also one of the best credit line card . it provide various of credit card from the largest bank in india. Wizi has a user-friendly layout , wizi not only provide you a credit card but also help in managing the other credit card also.

Wizi the Acsz technologies company which Is based in Chennai which create the ai based credit card management system. Wizi tracks all the spending and transaction of the credit card , it ai based system tell that which specific tansaction will help in you boosting you Credit score.

Wizi offers you a very fast aprooval for you payment. There is no paper work for getting credit card. Just it AI system and and verification identity proof do it all the system. There are no hidden charges in the credit card.

9. Flipkart Axis Bank credit card

Axis bank one of the largest bank in india which offers you’re the best credit card and debit card deals to their clients.

Axis bank has just collab with the flipkart to offer the credit card to their clients. The axis bank flipkart  credit card has issued a shopping credit card to the users which allow the user to shop from the flipkart and pay them later. This flipkart axix bank credit card offers you the extra deals on the shopping and give you extra discount on the purchase.

They offer you the Rs. 3300 welcome benefits and cashback on shopping through flipkart

They also offer you 5% cashbak if you shop from flipkart or myntra. You can also enjoy the ganna subscription free of cost from flipkart credit card.

10. Amazon pay later (ICICI CREDIT CARD )

Amazon ICICI credit card is the most renowned credit card in india which offers up to 5% cashback on shopping through Amazon and 1% cashback on all other transactions. The card is owned by the one of the largest e-commerce platform amazons which is the most liked in india these amazon icici credit card has no hidden charges feature.

Amazon pay has a partnership with the ICICI bank which is one of the largest private bank in india. ICICI bank give all the credit lons to the amazon pay credit card. 

This is the one of the best credit card that can be used for online shopping or offline shopping

It provides the 1% cashback on all transactions and an extra 5 % cash back on shopping from amazon.


What is the Full Form OF BNPL?

The full form of the BNPL is BUY NOW PAY LATER

Which is the best Buy now pay later card.

All the listed Buy now pay later cards are the best cards.

What is the minimum age for applying For a BNPL card?

To apply for a BNPL ( buy now pay later ) credit card you need to be at least 18+ years of age.

What is the minimum Cibil Score for BNPL Card Apply?

For quick approval check whether your CIBIL score is at least 750 or above. So, if it is, you will get the card approved.

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